Services Offered

Awakening Awareness Light Alchemy Meditation
Support Groups Shamanic Energy Work
Personal Counseling Expanding Awareness



Awakening Awareness Workshop

maxresdefaultOur workshops are educational and structured to provide you with simple yet profound experiences that allow you to practice the skills you will need to become a True Adult and nurture your Inner Child. We excel at creating safe environments that support you in getting out of your comfort zone so growth, change, and healing can take place.

Our pride and joy is our transformational personal growth workshop, Awakening Awareness. It is a unique, deeply personal, and life-changing experience. You will receive a thorough overview of what is required to become a fully-functional adult human being and get to the core of deep rooted issues. The outcome will bring more joy, more fulfillment, more excitement, more passion and more meaningful relationships in your personal and professional life.


Support Groups

In support groups, participants can practice sharing with others in a group setting that supports honest communication in a safe environment. These groups meet three times monthly, and are available to graduates of the Awakening Awareness workshop who live in the San Diego area.


Personal Counseling

Heal your childhood wounds and achieve your personal goals in an intimate, safe environment with honest, loving feedback and support.


Light Alchemy Meditation

Integrate psychological and spiritual growth using meditation tools that infuse light into the body’s energy centers. Offered as private or group lessons.


Shamanic Energy Work

Promotes deep healing through work in the luminous energy field. Includes modalities such as the Illumination Process, Soul Journeying and the Death Rites, based in the Incan tradition taught by the Four Winds Society with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.


Advanced Course: Expanding Awareness

The Expanding Awareness course, designed for graduates of Awakening Awareness, expands the skills necessary for creating a True Adult. In this yearlong course, students meet once a month (in San Diego) to explore in depth each of the following topics:

  • Childhood Developmental Needs
  • Basics of Personality Structure
  • Family Systems
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Emotions and Addiction
  • Brain Development and Perception
  • Sex and Love
  • Self-esteem and the Shadow
  • Spirituality and Power
  • Communication and Integrity
  • Creating a True Adult and Parenting

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