Our Philosophy

“One of the main tasks in life is to awaken the compassion and wisdom that lies within each of us so that it is natural and comfortable to act powerfully and ethically to create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.” — Kathleen Brooks, Ph.D.

Everything is vibrating energy.

The essence of each human being is multi-dimensional, a rich tapestry capable of creative genius. Starting from the lowest vibration, these dimensions include:

  • Physical – Our body and what we can touch, taste, smell, see, and hear, our vehicle for expressing in the world
  • Perceptual – Our 5 senses and the intuitive realms, working through the nervous system
  • Emotional – Our emotions, providing the passion in life that registers as sensation in the body
  • Mental – Our creative intelligence, working through the brain
  • Spiritual – Our unity with all that is, encompassing the body and our energy field

Our task is to learn how to fully utilize each of these dimensions. We offer programs that are based on Integrity, Passion, Transformation, and Empowerment.


We teach the distinction between a grown-up and an adult. A grown-up may have a mature body, but that doesn’t guarantee that the rest of his functioning is mature. To put it another way, a grown-up body does not guarantee that a mature, fully-developed personality lives in it. If we have not fully matured, emotionally and mentally, we are not prepared to make the choices that inevitably and inexorably confront us throughout life. We see the task of creating a wise, compassionate and empowered True Adult as the most important task in this century!

We offer a model for creating and embracing adulthood that can bring joy and personal fulfillment. We also offer a healthier model for raising children, one that encourages interdependence, responsibility and integrity. We agree that “it is time to put childish things aside.”


We believe that the hardest thing in life is just being a human being. Many of us struggle with the basics of being human, of relating to people with kindness and compassion, of finding and maintaining fulfilling relationships, of raising healthy, functional children, of finding the balance between career and home, of keeping our bodies strong and healthy. Our vision is to restore the human to humanity. We have achieved amazing results with our technology, seeing each human as a marvelous work of art. By respecting and nurturing our multi-dimensional natures, we can restore balance, wholeness and radiant health while fulfilling our highest potential.

Educational Mission

To provide uplifting, healing and peace-promoting services that awaken and expand body/mind/spirit awareness to a worldwide community.


We value safety, integrity, empowerment, support and trust as the best way to assist ourselves and those we love in becoming fully actualized human beings.