Advanced Course: Expanding Awareness

We offer graduates of the Awakening Awareness workshop a yearlong Advanced Course called Expanding Awareness.  This program is an intense experience that emphasizes education and personal growth.  We meet one Saturday a month for a year; this also includes one private session per month to address your individual issues around each area that we are exploring.  These areas include:

  • Childhood Developmental Needs
  • Basics of Personality Structure
  • Family Systems
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Emotions and Addiction
  • Brain Development and Perception
  • Sex and Love
  • Self-esteem and the Shadow
  • Spirituality and Power
  • Communication and Integrity
  • Creating a True Adult and Parenting

Each class is educational and experiential.  We explore all kinds of healing modalities, including shamanic work and breathwork.  You can enter the program at any time during the year as each month is a complete module.  Prerequisite is Awakening Awareness and 6 months in Group.

The total cost is $350 a month. Graduates of the program will be eligible to intern with me co-facilitating the Awakening Awareness workshop.  Of course, this is optional and only for those who really want to.  But if you’ve ever had an interest in facilitating the workshop, this is your opportunity!!

Email me or call me with any questions or to register.  I will not take more than 10 people!


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